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Active Substance: Boldenone 3-Ester Mix

Brand: Titan Healthcare

Country: India

Packaging: 10*1,5ml amps


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Tri-Bold by Titan Healthcare

Tri-Bold is a boldenone mix of three different boldenone esters. They are: Boldenone Undecylenate (100 mg), drugstore Boldenone Acetate (100 mg) and Boldenone Cypionate (100 mg). Since there are three different length of esters, this makes Tri-Bold both fast acting as well as long acting. This Boldenone Mix is marketed as Tri-Bold and manufactured by Titan Healthcare. If you are a huge fan of using Equipoise, then Tri-Bold would be a great choice as it delivers all the benefits of Equipoise, and it works quick, as well as good for long term due to the mix of esters. It is an extremely potent steroid.

The Use and Benefits of Tri-Bold for Bodybuilding

Tri-Bold is known to have very low aromatization value, and it is very potent anabolic compound. In fact, it is rated 7 times more anabolic as compared to testosterone. With it being highly anabolic, and low aromatization, it helps to put on quality muscle with low water retention, giving bodybuilders that hard and dry look. Bodybuilders also do not have to worry too much about using ancillaries while on a Tri-Bold cycle to help battle off estrogenic side effects due to its low aromatization rate.

The commercially popular Equipoise or Boldenone Undecylenate is often taken by bodybuilders because of those qualities. However, many claim that the lean and quality muscle build up takes a long time before it starts to kick in. This is because Boldenone Undecylenate alone has a very long ester attached to it, which is the undecylenate ester, which is longer as compared to cypionate. In fact, as compared to the decanoate ester, it is 1 carbon longer, which makes it the longest. This is why it takes time for the effects of equipoise to kick in.

The suggested use of Equipoise or Boldenone Undecylenate is no less than 12 weeks. So if you are looking to cycle with Equipoise but do not want to stay too long on a cycle, Tri-Bold is a great choice, as it is combined with equally does Boldenone Acetate and Boldenone Cypionate, which has shorter esters compared to Undecylenate – and this will cause the effects to kick in sooner.

Side Effects of Tri-Bold

Tri-Bold is quite tolerable, and the side effects are quite mild. However, side effects are still possible, just like any steroid would. The side effects of Tri-Bold are the likes of unusual hair loss, unnatural hair growth, deepening or hoarseness of voice, enlarged prostate, oily skin, and unnatural acne growth. Tri-Bold might cause acne to grow on your chest, shoulders and back – so if a user is prone to acne, they should consider the use of Accutane as ancillary, or consider something natural like anti-acne and anti-bacterial soap.

Tri-Bold is also known to boost a user’s appetite. While it could be good for those on a bulk, it could be pretty devastating for those who are using it during a cutting cycle. Use fat burners that have appetite suppressant qualities to help you take control of your appetite problems, while you slowly dose up.

How to Use Tri-Bold

The dosage of Tri-Bold is different from one individual to another, depending on their individual response, training level, and steroid tolerance. As this is a specially formulated brew mix of Boldenone, it is best to follow the labels of each manufactures.



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