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How to buy Diuretics online?

Before you buy diuretics on McSteroids, you should first read about the use of these drugs.

Diuretics are substances that promote urinary excretion and thus reduce weight. Diuretics have been on the list for doping in sport since 1988 as a prohibited masking agent.

Particularly popular are the mediocrats in weight-related sports (for example, in the bodybuilding competition, boxing, judo, karate, ski jumping, wrestling, lightweight rowing, etc.).
Most importantly, it is used by bodybuilders to influence doping control by reducing urine concentrations to make it more difficult to detect anabolic steroids or other prohibited substances.
By draining fluid from bodybuilders, the muscle definition in competition is highlighted even better.

The detection of diuretics as a masking agent is carried out when, in addition to the diuretic, another banned substance is found. If a limit exists for this, the concentration of this substance may be below the mentioned limit.
However, in the sports that are weight-related (see above), it does not matter if a second substance is found, since the diuretic is not used for masking but for weight loss and muscle definition.

Diuretics are diuretic drugs that cause this increased excretion directly by the attack on the kidney. There are numerous drug variants in the field of diuretics such as furosemide.

Diuretics can be used in athletes with appropriate conditions such as high blood pressure or heart failure, etc. But then the athlete has to obtain a medical exemption (TUE-1) together with the doctor.

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