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How to buy Dianabol

Methandrostenolone, better known as Dianabol or DBol, was developed by Dr. Ing. John Bosley Ziegler designed for CIBA. The synthesis was described in 1955 and assigned the US Patent 1959 to Ciba. Methandrostenolone was used as a doping agent in sports and bodybuilding until the end of the 80s. Methandrostenolone was and is one of the most popular anabolic steroids, even names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva used it until it was banned.

Methandrostenolone (Methandienone) is a synthetically produced anabolic agent. Its structure derives from the male sex hormone testosterone. Like all oral anabolic steroids, methandrostenolone causes liver damage during prolonged use and / or at higher doses. It seems to have an improved ratio of anabolic properties to androgenic side effects compared to other oral anabolic steroids. In general medicine, it was therefore used earlier in osteoporosis patients. The dose at that time was typically 5 mg per day for 6 weeks.

In bodybuilding, it is among the most popular muscle building steroids ever. The popularity of methandrostenolone is based on its almost immediate and very strong-building effect. Dianabol reaches the highest plasma level after approx. 3 hours. In order to keep this level constant high, a repeated application during the day is necessary. (morning 2 / noon 2 / evening 2). Methandrostenolone should be taken predominantly with meals to avoid any stomach problems. Together with the strong anabolic effects also the usual androgenic side effects occur. Because Methandienone quickly converts to estrogen, users should have aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex or antiestrogens like Nolvadex. Alternatively, one can take the natural aromatase inhibitor zinc in high dosage (75-100mg / day).

The application of HCG during the course of treatment can prevent  testicular atrophy. Furthermore, a reversible interruption or reduction of spermatogenesis in the testes and consequently a decrease in the size of the testes can be expected. The so-called axis is strongly suppressed, in short the hypothalamus secretes LH releasing hormone which causes the pituitary front lobes to secrete the LH hormone. Luteinizing hormone stimulates testosterone production, therefore, the LH releasing hormone is not released by the hypothalamus and because you have enough testosterone during a steroid cycle. HCG counteracts this cycle Therefore, many bodybuilders take citrate after stopping to stimulate this cycle again. An anticatabolic substance such as clenbuterol or ephedrine can also be combined.

Dianabol can increase aggressiveness (usually at doses below 40mg) and users often report overall well-being. Methandrostenolone was withdrawn from the market in many countries because it was mainly used in long-term therapy (6 weeks) and there were medications that had the same effect with fewer side effects. There was also a very high potential for abuse. The increase in liver values ​​at normal doses (up to 40 mg) is rather low.

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