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Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone HGH is probably since 1980, one of the most popular muscle-building stimulants in bodybuilding. The active ingredient Somatropin is known under several brand names such as Genotropin from Pfizer, Norditropin from Novo Nordisc, Omnitrope from Sandoz or other companies. China also produces many unofficial, non-patented GH products. Unfortunately, many products from China are under-dosed or ineffective. In some cases even different quality and price classes were designed. Thus, for example, there are several product versions of Hygetropin or Jintropin. Only a few growth hormones from China can compete with the quality of European or overseas products.. The growth hormone is used on the one hand to build muscle, on the other hand also for fat loss in sports. Last but not least, older athletes also use it as an anti-aging medicine. McSteroids allows you to order various growth hormones online without a prescription.

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