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Oral Steroids

There are two types of oral steroids, bulking and cutting. For bulking cycles most athletes use Anadrol or Dianabol, for cutting mostly Anavar or Stanozolol. All are methylated to avoid the liver breakdown. Orals work faster in the body because of their shortened half-life, so many athletes use oral steroids as kickstart for their steroid cycle. Orals can be taken as tablets, sprays, drops or inhalers, therefore they are also preferably purchased by athletes who are afraid of injections. Oralroids are definitely more harmful than injectable steroids, so one should include a liver protector in its steroid cycle. Those who want to use the orals should first have a blood count and talk to a doctor. Most important is the On Cycle and Post cycle Therapy in combination with orals. If you dont want to inject or stack orals to your cycle, just click and buy most popular brands.

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