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Steroids from Germany

In Germany, the trade in anabolic steroids from Germany, growth hormones and weight loss drugs is strictly prohibited. Already the possession of for example more than 10 ampoules of testosterone enanthate can bring the owner a proper fine. Still, sourcing via the Internet, gym dealers and underground laboratories is not particularly difficult. In addition, you can also get a private prescription from a doctor, which ensures a legal and safe way to buy. Unfortunately, 90% of doctors in Germany are more negative about anabolic steroids. Although testosterone enanthate is produced in Germany by various companies such as Eifelfango, Rotexmedica, Galen Pharma and Jenapharm, the official sales by the pharmacy are rather low. Nevertheless, there are many athletes who use anabolic steroids. It is often easier to import German drugs from abroad than to buy them in Germany. At McSteroids you can buy original anabolic steroids from Germany without prescription.

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