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Active Substance: Isotretinoin

Brand: Roche

Country: Bulgaria

Packaging: 30*20mg

Since acne is one of the most common side effects of anabolic / androgenic steroids, many bodybuilders use accutane for acne treatment.


Roaccutan by Roche

Accutane Roche | Roaccutan

Accutane medication (Isotretinoin) is popularly used among bodybuilders who are prone to bad acne when on an anabolic androgenic steroid cycle. It is often used to help the skin cells regenerate sooner, as well as treat bad cases of cystic acne. Isotane is more commonly known with its trade name, Accutane or Roaccutane. Isotretinoin for acne is a form of retinoid, which is something that can be found in small amounts naturally in the body. While in the USA it is considered to be a prescription drug, some parts of the world it is available over the counter.

The main reason why bodybuilders would be interested to use Isotretinoin tablets is to help fight off acne development while on an anabolic androgenic steroid cycle. Isotretinoine works as an isomer of Vitamin A, and it works by making the oil glands in the skin to produce less oil but reducing its amount. With reduced oil being produced by the skin’s oil glands, it will help to lower down the formation of acne significantly.

Almost all users of isotrex / Accutane pills/ Roaccutane 20mg report of having clearer complexion, with up to 90% claims that the results are excellent when used on higher dosage. Those who prefer to use it at lower dosages will not have to worry of side effects, but chances of recurrence might occur.

The Use and Benefits of Isotretinoin (Accutane results) in Bodybuilding

As aforementioned earlier, bodybuilders who are prone to bad acne would add on Isotretinoine on their cycle to help prevent or treat acne. With use of anabolic androgenic steroids, the chances of those who are prone to acne to have excessive growth of acne is high. If it deems to be too difficult to cure acne with natural means and mild medicine like dalacin-T or tea tree extracts, this should be the solution to turn to. Testosterone or anabolic androgenic steroids will cause the skin to become oiler than usual, and this will cause acne outbreak. Besides that, the change in hormone levels will contribute to acne growth as well.

Side Effects of Isotroin 20  (Accutane/ Roaccutan)

If Isotretinoin accutane is taken in high doses, it might even cause Vitamin A toxicity, and this could lead to various temporary and permanent side effects such as depression, birth defects in pregnant women, hyperostosis, other skin problems, dry eyes and decreased night vision, Crohn’s disease, other stomach issues, and even stunted growth.

Dosage Advice

For bodybuilders, it is advisable to keep the dosages at a more conservative level. This means that the usual dosage is about 10 mg to 12 mg per day, taken once a day, for up to 6 weeks to 8 weeks maximum, and this dosage should not cause side effects, if not, very little. However, those who are suffering from very bad acne and is on isotretinoin capsules would usually go up tp 50 mg to 150 mg, depending on the dosage prescribed by doctors. It might be necessary to have to go through multiple courses of treatment. It is also advisable to take your dosage with a large meal.


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