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Anabole Steroide: Das schwarze Buch


Anabole Steroide: Das schwarze Buch 2010

Autor: D. Sinner

Language: German

Pages: 1033+

Filetype: PDF

Biggest available e-book of anabolic steroids


Anabole Steroide: Das schwarze Buch

Autor: D. Sinner

It is probably the largest and most comprehensive anabolic steroid book in the world on the subject of anabolic steroids. The best steroid book was written in German, but this is not a problem for interested readers, as it was processed as a E-Book (PDF file) and the content can be easily translated using copy and paste using a translation tool such as Google Translator.

  • 1000 large format pages!
  • More than 3000 color photos (real steroids, fake steroids)!
  • 100 comprehensive drug profiles!
  • 38 chapters!
  • Growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin!
  • Designer Steroids, Pro-Hormones and Pro-Anabolic Supplements!
  • Latest trade name lists of Anabolic Steroids!
  • New application examples All about possible side effects of steroids!
  • Much information about legal steroids!
  • Examples ofSteroid Cycles and types of Anabolic Steroids!
  • …and and and


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