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Active Substance: AOD9604

Brand: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 3,2mg per Vial

AOD9604 stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (prevents the transformation of  fatty food materials into body fat)


AOD9604 by European Pharmaceutical

AOD9604 is basically a fragment of peptide out of the hGH Fragment 1771-191 from the C-Terminus of Human Growth Hormone, and it has an additional tyrosine that is attached to the end of the N-Terminal. This peptide fragment is taken mainly to help aid in fat loss during a cutting cycle. According to studies, the AOD9604 works better as compared to its predecessor, the AOD9401 in its function to help with the fat burning process, as well as avert lipogenic activity in the body. In layman terms, it helps to burn fat, as well as prevent the body from putting on more fat.

Researchers from Monash University had found out that the fat burning effects that comes from growth hormone is apparently controlled by a small area at the N-Terminal end of the growth hormone molecule. In this area, which is predominantly made up of amino acids 177 – 191, is roughly about 10% smaller in size as compared to the whole growth hormone molecule, and it does not play any part on insulin resistance and growth. What it does is that it actually mimics the way that natural occurring growth hormone in the body regulates fat metabolism.

The Use of AOD9604 in Bodybuilding

The AOD9604 works similarly to human growth hormone in regards to its ability to help with lipolysis, which is the process when the body burns fat to be used as energy, as well as help to avoid lipogenesis, which is the process when the body stores fat from dietary source or excessive energy. However, the AOD9604 is not approved for use on humans, and it is used only in studies as of now. Those who are looking to supplement with AOD9604 in their cutting cycle should know this and do it on their own risk. There is an underground research that had proven the use of AOD9604 helps with reduction of body fat.

In a research on animals as well as in humans, the AOD9604 had shown to:

  • Reducing new fat build up and storage in all fat cells
  • Help with the metabolism of fat specifically in obese fat cells, without affecting lean muscle cells
  • Enhances the lipolysis process, which is pretty much improving the fat burning process

However, when tests on rodents, the AOD9604 does not induce growth as it does not affect the IGF levels. Fat burning was apparent as subjects loss weight from fat, and this was without reducing food consumption. This concludes that this research peptid is a powerful, effective and potent fat burner. Metabolic Lab is currently researching and developing AOD9604 to help battle obesity. A recent study on humans, it has shown that oral AOD does not help much, but the injectable ones are potent and could help to drop fat of up to 2% in 20 days, and the subjects did not even need to stick to a strict diet.

How to Use AOD9604

AOD9604 is still in testing stage, and is often used for research purposes only. It is best to read the label from the source that you have purchased. Different brands, different manufacturers, different dosage. Use it on your own risk.


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