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Active Substance: Exemestane

Brand: Pfizer

Country: Bulgaria

Packaging: 30*25mg tablets

Aromasin contains exemestane, a very efficient aromatase inhibitor for Steroid Cycles


Aromasin Pfizer

Exemestane (Aromasin)

Exemestane, more widely known with its trade name, Aromasin 25mg, is considered to be a suicidal aromatase inhibitor, which makes it less harsh on the body compared to the other aromatase inhibitors. Exemestane works by binding with aromatase enzymes which will lead to the disability of the enzyme by efficiently destroying it.

Benefits of Exemestane (Aromasin 25 mg)

Exemestane 25 tablet is considered to be a steroidal aromatase inhibitor, and because of this it has an advantage over the rest of the other aromatase inhibitors by not affecting the lipid levels, while the others does. It is also safe to be ran longer in length due to the fact that it is not liver toxic. This means that it is safe to stack with other orals that are harsh on the liver, as well as without, from a healthy standpoint.

Exemestane (Aromasin 25) will also not affect your gains negatively, unlike the other aromatase inhibitors, in fact, might even help a little. It is also known to help lower SHBG, which will eventually raise the ratio of bound to free testosterone. This will result in better gains, as it will not lower free testosterone, as well as amplify the effectiveness of other anabolic androgenic steroids.

The Half Life of Exemestane (Aromasin Tablet)

Exemestane have a half-life of roughly 9 hours only, which mean it clears out quickly. Due to the fact that Exemestane is highly efficient in eliminating aromatase enzymes, and that is up to 80% to 90% after consumption, the levels of estrogen will be kept low for up to a total of 72 hours after a dosage of 25 mg. This is the main reason why Exemestane is taken every other day. This makes Aromasin a good choice if you prefer for more versatile timing rather than having to take a dosage every day.

The Use of Exemestane (Aromasin) for Bodybuilding

Exemestane works best as an ancillary in post cycle therapy (PCT). It is the best option when it comes to an aromatase inhibitor that works effectively to help with recovery. Not only does it lower estrogen, but it also helps to spike up free testosterone. In a study conducted, exemestane consumption dosed at 25 mg per day helped to increase total testosterone up to 60% in just 10 days.

It gets better than that, according to the research, free testosterone increased up to a whopping 100% within that time frame. Aromasin medication also helps to raise the levels of IGF-1, and there is no adverse estrogen rebound effects from it. It can also be used to prevent or treat gynecomastia. This is the main reason why exemestane is used widely either as an on cycle estrogen control and side effects prevention, or on post cycle therapy to help with recovery.

Aromasin Exemestane Side Effects

Incidence of side effects while on Exemestane is quite rare, especially if proper dosage is adhered to. However, there are small reports of the feeling of dried joint which causes pain, and if this happens, simply lower the dosage.

Dosage and Half Life for Exemestane Tablets (Aromasin Dosing)

The half-life of Aromasin is somewhere around 25 to 27 hours. The average dosage is 12.5 mg every day or 25 mg every other day. It depends on individual tolerance, and if the signs of sides occur like dryness in the joint, lower down the dosage. It is best to start on the lower side. If estrogenic sides starts to appear despite on it, dosage should be hiked up.

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