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Active Substance: GHRP-6

Brand: Balco

Country: Europe

Packaging: 10mg/Vial

GHRP-6 research peptid increase the body’s own growth hormone production.





When it comes to growth hormone peptides, cialis it can be separated into two different categories, medical and they are the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH) and the Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP). GHRP-6, given its name, is obviously a part of the Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides category. In general, Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides will target a pulse that results in forcing the pituitary gland to secrete stored growth hormones. GHRP-6 is short for Growth Hormone Releasing Hexa-Peptide.Growth Hormone or GH for short, is naturally produced by our body. While it is produced in abundance while we were young, the body does not produce as much as we get older. Most stored growth hormones are released during sleep. This is why bodybuilders know how important it is to have ample, deep sleep. For male bodybuilders, there are certain times where the body release more stored growth hormones than usual, such as during sleep, early in the morning, and first 45 minutes of a heavy workout.GHRP as an Appetite Booster

Compared to all other growth hormone releasing peptides, GHRP-6 shines the most when it comes to boosting appetite, which is important if your target is muscle gains. GHRP-6 is known to be able to greatly increase hunger, and this effect is usually reported felt within an hour after injection. This is due to the heightened level of ghrelin in the stomach, a type of hormone that is usually released by cells in the stomach when it is empty. Ghrelin is also beneficial in a sense that it helps with regulation of appetite, stimulate the release of growth hormones, heal damaged tendons as well as promote fat loss.Usage and Dosing

Compared to the other growth hormone releasing peptides, the GHRP-6 is rated as being the third in sense of growth hormone release. However, it can still be considered as a strong GHRP and it can also be taken up to 2 to 3 times in a day. However GHRP-6 is reported to not be as effective as it should be when there is elevated levels of blood glucose in the body. Because of this, it is important to take your GHRP-6 dosage either half an hour before meal, or at least 2 hours after a meal to keep its effectiveness.

As aforementioned earlier, GHRP-6 can be taken up to 2 to 3 times in a day, with each dose spaced out about 3 hours apart from one another. The optimal dosage for GHRP-6 is around 100 mcg to 200 mcg per dose, which is around 300 mcg to 600 mcg per day and 2100 mcg to 4200 mcg per week. Going higher has not shown any extra results and therefore will be a waste.

Example Injection Schedule

GHRP-6 is not a sex specific growth hormone, and therefore it is okay to be taken by women as well. As usual, being a peptide, it usually comes in the form of lyophilized powder. It should be mixed with bacteriostatic water, and stored in the fridge. It is best to use an insulin syringe to inject GHRP-6 either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Below is an example of a typical injection schedule for those who are using GHRP-6.

  • 100 mcg as soon as possible after waking up
  • 100 mcg the first thing after workout
  • 100 mcg right before going to sleep at night

Side Notes

Although one would expect to get similar results with GHRP as if on HGH, however, for optimal effects it is best to stack GHRP-6 with other growth hormone releasing hormone like CJC-1295 without any DAC. And as expected with any peptides, the results will not be as soon or as fast as how testosterone based anabolic steroids would yield – but will take a while for it to really kick in. Some report for as short as 3 months and above, while others might experience after 6 months. However, the boost of appetite as well as deeper sleep is quite instantaneous. When used together with other growth hormone releasing hormone, it should be able to stimulate the optimal amount of growth hormone being released. Although GHRP-6 might aid a little in fat loss, but the results is not dramatic.

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