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Hygetropin 100IU


Active Substance: Somatropin

Brand: Hygetropin

Country: China

Packaging: 10*10iu vials per Box

Hygetropin 100iu is a good growth hormone product in price/quality.


Hygetropin 100iu

Hygetropin 100iu

Human Growth Hormone or more fondly known as HGH to the bodybuilding community, is categorised as a peptide hormone that helps to stimulate grow from the cells. Other names regularly used are the likes of nutropin, nutrobal, somatropin, and many more. Huma Growth Hormone is a type of protein that is synthesized in cells from amino acids and has endocrine functions.

Huma Growth Hormone are naturally present in the body, and its main function is to stimulate cell regeneration as well as cell reproduction in the body. It is often used for aesthetics purposes. In the bodybuilding world, Human Growth Hormone is used as a performance enhancing drug, while in the beauty industry, it is used mainly as an anti-aging compound.

Hygetropin 100iu (Human Growth Hormone) VS Anabolic Steroids

These two compounds works differently in our body. Anabolic steroids work by increasing testosterone in the body, and producing an anabolic environment for the muscles to optimally grow. While Human Growth Hormone on the other hand, uses Mitogen, a chemical substance that stimulates cell growth and reproduction.

With the introduction of the use of Human Growth Hormone in the world of bodybuilding, bodybuilders started to get bigger and bigger. Human Growth Hormone is one of the main reason why you can see difference in size of classic bodybuilders and bodybuilders now. Most pros admit to the use of human growth hormone way above the average recommended dosage.

Fake Human Growth Hormone

Unfortunately, due to Human growth Hormone being extremely pricey because it comes in powder form, many underground labs are developing fake human growth hormone kits, which most of the time is actually HCG, and some even just plain white powder. Always go for trusted brands. It will be difficult to tell because it takes time for it to show effects, which is usually after 6 weeks of usage. You must be confident that your source is selling legit HGH.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

There are plenty of benefits of Human Growth Hormone use in bodybuilders such as deeper sleep that promotes recovery, improved metabolism and increase in fat loss, improvement of the skin, stronger immune system, increased sex drive, higher overall energy levels, improved performance and endurance in the gym, and improved cholesterol levels. Besides bodybuilders, athletes too uses Human Growth Hormone to help them recover faster from injuries, and to grow bigger, faster and stronger.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

The downside of human growth hormone is that it is difficult to tell if the one you are using is legit or not, and the fact that it could be very pricey to go on a HGH cycle. However, other biological related side effects are the likes of extreme sleepiness, causing you to need to take naps during the day, painful wrists, water retention, pain in joints, and hypoglycaemia. Prolonged usage of human growth hormone may lead to organ and skeletal growth. There will also have the growth gut look, where the stomach looks bloated due to enlarged organs.

Hygetropin 100iu Dosage

The dosing range can differ greatly, starting from 2 IUs a day, up to 20 IUs a day, especially for bodybuilders. Some would go on lower doses to save on cost, but this would result in lesser gains or fat loss. The recommended duration of cycling with Human Growth Hormone is a minimum of 6 months, because that is when there will be huge impact on gains and fat loss. Stacking Human Growth Hormone with insulin will help you to get really huge as it helps with aiding the nutrients into the muscles. Advanced bodybuilders will stack HGH with insulin, and anabolic steroids for maximal results.


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