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Substance: Testosterone Cypionate

Brand: Q-Pharma

Country: Spain

Packaging: 1*2ml (250mg/ml) ampoule

Officially approved branded testosterone cypionate preparation of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Q-Pharma.


Testex Prolongatum by Q-Pharma

Syonoyme: Testosterone Cypionate, Testosteron Cypionat, Testex

Testosterone Cypionate is a form of anabolic steroid in the synthetic testosterone group. There are many names on the market for Testosterone Cypionate, such as Test Cypionate, Cypionat, Testex and many more. In a nutshell, Testosterone Cypionate works just like most other injectable anabolic steroids, the only difference is its ester. Testosterone Cypionate has an anabolic/ androgenic ratio of 100, which is similar to other injectable testosterone anabolic steroids.

If a user is looking to gain massive strength, size and muscle mass, testosterone cypionate is a great choice to include in a cycle due to its extremely potent anabolic and androgenic effects. The benefits of testosterone Cypionate is similar to most other injectable testosterone steroids, especially Testosterone Enanthate, due to the compound similarities among those two. While in Europe, Testosterone Cypionate is a more popular choice due to its availability and affordability, in the United States, Testosterone Enanthate is the more popular choice.

Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate helps to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, which makes it possible for the muscles to hold more protein which are absorbed more efficiently. Testosterone Cypionate can also help to heighten the levels of IGF-1, the important anabolic hormone that helps to promote anabolic activity in the body. Another unique benefit of Testosterone Cypionate is that it is able to increase the activity of satellite cells, which are important cells that plays an important part in repairing muscles that were damaged from micro-tears due to weight training. Because of this, recovery becomes faster, which makes it possible to hit the gym more often and to keep training hard.

Testosterone Cypionate can also help to stimulate changes of the muscle fibers in terms of number, appearance, size and also shape. With it being anti-catabolic, it helps to preserve muscles from catabolism or in other words, muscle loss from all the hard training. It also helps to increase the amount of red blood cells, which will help oxygenate the body more, especially after a hard workout. Just like any other testosterone steroid, it is considered to be dose dependent, which means the higher the dosage, the more anabolic your body will be, the more muscles will be built.

While on testosterone cypionate, many users claim massive improvement of strength, and this most probably is due to the increased muscle contraction because of the heighten number of motor neurons and improved neuromuscular transmission. It also helps with glycogen synthesis, which keeps the body energized.

Side Effects of Testex

While you will put on a lot of weight while on cycle, not all of it is pure muscle mass because Testosterone Cypionate causes water retention, due to it being an aromatizing anabolic steroid, which means it converts testosterone to estrogen. This can also lead to various other potential estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia. This however can be countered with antiestrogens and aromatase inhibitors.

Among other side effects that can arise with the use of testosterone cypionate are the likes of accelerated hair loss, deepening of the voice, increased aggressiveness, low sperm count, testicular shrinkage, frequent and sudden erections, swelling, heightened water retention, hypersexual and sexual overstimulation, gynecomastia or man boobs, excessive growth of acne, and hypertension or high blood pressure.

Doping Test and Detection of Testex

Due to it being long estered and long acting testosterone, the detection time of Testosterone Cypionate is up to 3 months after the last injection.

Recommended Dosage and Application for Bodybuilders Using Testex

Beginners and first time users of Testosterone Cypionate can use up to 200 mg per week, which is usually injected within every 5 to 7 days for up to 12 weeks. Advanced bodybuilders on the other hand will usually go for higher dosage of 400 mg to 600 mg per week, distanced at 3 days apart, spread out to two injections per week. Professionals and strength athletes might bump up to 1000 gm per week, depending on current size, and training level. It is advisable to cycle up to 12 weeks to truly feel and see the effects of Testosterone Cypionate. It is also very important to undergo post cycle therapy to help the body produce its natural level of testosterone again.


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