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Active Substance: Triiodothyronine

Brand: Tiromel

Country: Turkey

Packaging: 100*25mcg

The effect of Liothyronine is to regulate the burning of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.


Tiromel T3 by Abdi Ibrahim

Tiromel T3 Description:

Tiromel T3, or more commonly known as simply T3 for short is the brand name for the compound liothyronine sodium. It is basically a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone which is used medically in most cases to help treat myxedema coma and hypothyroidism. There are various reasons and factors that might contribute to risk of having these diseases such as generally unhealthy lifestyle, and thyroid cancer. It is also used by psychiatrists to combine with other medications to help treat various major forms of depression.

Without all the science jargon, when a person uses T3, they are basically taking synthetic T3, which will increase the total thyroid hormone levels, and because of this, it would cause the body’s metabolism to be boosted. However, it is extremely dangerous to abuse the use of T3 since it could mess up with your thyroid, which could lead to dangerous side effects. Due to the sudden increase of T3 production, the body would stop producing T3 naturraly, just like how natural testosterone production is halted due to use of exogenous testosterone.

T3 is an important regulator of the oxidative metabolism of energy. For users who use liothyronine sodium, it will stimulate the uptake and absorption of nutrients right into the mitochondria, and this causes the oxidative metabolic pathway to raise in activity. As a result, the body will demand for more fuel, hence more calories will be burned due to the fact that everything works harder in the body.

The Use of T3 (Tiromel) or Liothyronine Sodium in Bodybuilding

The main and only reason bodybuilders would use T3 is to help with their cutting cycle. This is because the sudden spike of metabolic activity and ATP in the body forces it to burn fat. This is the main reason why T3 Liothyronine is so popular in cutting cycles. It is also often use to shed off those final fat stores, which could help to cut down an extra 1% to 2% to reach that desired body fat percentage goal. On an interesting note, T3 also helps to slightly enhance the production of growth hormone (GH). However, it is recommended that it should not be used for that sole purpose.

The Side Effects of T3 Liothyronine (Tiromel)

With the spike of T3 levels in the body if you take it, it is important to remember that if the levels are really high, it could be very stressful to the heart and it could also lead to other dangerous side effects, so it is extremely important to stick to the proper dosages. If T3 is used and abused, it could lead to hyperthyroidism, which will then cause all sorts of other side effects such as unbearable headache, loss of muscle, stomach issues, body tremor, sporadic insomnia, easily irritated, heat sensitivity, appetite increase and excessive sweating.

Post Usage Advice

Unnaturally high levels of T3 could cause the suppression of the thyrotropin relasing hormone (TRH) production, and this will cause the thyroid signalling hormone (TSH) to get lowered. There are chances that you could feel sluggish once you stop using T3, and your metabolism could be slowed down a lot, or stopped. That is why it is important to take supplements that will help the thyroid to levels to recover faster.

Advisably, it is recommended to stay off of Tiromel T3 for as long as the amount of time you were on it, before using it again for another cycle. You should also add on supplements like vitamin B-12, ashwagandha, selenium and zinc to help recover faster. There are a lot of labs that are manufacturing these multivitamins to help with this, such as N2BM’s T3-PCT.


There are two methods to cycle with Tiromel T3. The aggressive approach is for those who wants to lose weight extremely fast, and the average dosage is between 50 mcg to 75 mcg per day, split into two doses, and used for 2 to 3 months. This approach could be quite harmful to those who are sensitive to it, as it might cause sides as well as thyroid suppression. The more conservative cycle is to dosage around 12.5 mcg to 25 mcg per day, split into two dose, and up to a maximum of 6 weeks. This will cause less suppression and side effects.


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