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Active Substance: Orlistat

Brand: Roche

Country: Bulgaria

Packaging: 42*120mg tablets/box

Xenical is an effective medication that is used to cut down the fat from fat individuals. This medication is used along with nutritious work out and dieting program. It helps to quit you from regain the bodyweight you have disappeared.


Xenical Orlistat by Roche


Xenical is the trade name for the drug, Orlistat 120. It is a lipase inhibitor that is usually used for obesity management and it functions by blocking the absorption of fats that area eaten. Lipase, is an enzyme that has the role of breaking down fat in the body. It breaks down fats to be absorbed by the body, however, with Xenical 120, it inhibits lipase by binding to it and now allowing it to breakdown dietary fats – and this means that the body cannot break down fat from triglycerides into the form of free fatty acids that the body can absorb. In simpler terms, undigested fats mean less calories, and this will help with weight loss goals.

Bodybuilders usually use Xenical on a cutting diet as it helps with calorie management. However, keep in mind that taking Orlistat tablets will not help to 100% prevent all the fat that will be eaten from being absorbed by the body. If you are on a clean diet with lower fat intake, this will lead to higher chances of very little fat getting absorbed by the body – which will lead to lesser calories without Xenical. It also helps an athlete to stay off from regaining weight that they had just lost.

Keep in mind, that although fats contribute to the highest amount of calories to your body, consuming healthy fats is beneficial for the body, and it aids in fat loss as well. So plan your diet right, and your intake of Xenical if you plan to use it.

One of the biggest mistake that most people do when on Xenical is to eat away whatever they feel like eating, not restricting their calories, and not eating clean because they assume that Xenical will help with weight loss no matter what. It is not a magic pill. Keep in mind, if you plan to use Orlistat capsules, make sure that your fat intake is below 30% of your caloric goal. Eating too many fatty food could lead to various gastrointestinal side effects.

Gastrointestinal Side Effects to Xenical

Some of the gastrointestinal side effects that are related to Xenical are the likes of fecal incontinence, increased defecation, oily defecation, fatty stool, fecal urgency, and gassy stomach. It is advisable to supplement with vitamins like A, E and D that are considered to be fat soluble. It helps with the elimination of the undigested fat, prevent malnutrition, and prevent gastrointestinal related side effects.

General Precautions

If you have any existing of urinary or kidney problems, you should seek doctor’s advice if you can use Orlistat pills, or if you do, be extra cautious. Xenical is known to heighten the levels of urinary oxalate, which are salts in the urine. The increase in levels might aggravate or cause kidney stones. You should avoid the use of Xenical if you have had any liver obstruction, gallbladder or gallstones problem before.

Recommended Dosage for Xenical pills

For weight loss purposes, the ideal dosage of Orlistat weight loss is a 120 mg capsule, taken three times daily with meals that contains fat. It should be take right before, or 1 hour before the meal. Even if you bump up the dosage to more than 120 mg, it will not yield better results – so don’t bother. It is highly advisable to eat clean, aim for a calorie deficit diet and good macros to experience the best results possible on Xenical 120.

If you are thinking of using Orlistat diet long term, it is best to be monitored by a healthcare professional. It might cause side effects, or might interact with other drugs you might consume. If side effects arise, and get too uncomfortable, you should stop taking it.


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