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Active Substance: CJC 1295

Brand: European Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 1 Vial (2mg)

CJC-1295 is an injectable peptide used to increase growth hormone production.



General to CJC-1295:

CJC-1295 is an injectable peptide used to increase growth hormone production. This peptide is a growth hormone releasing hormone, also called GHRH. This means that it acts in the same way as GHRH and can be called a GHRH.

It is important not to confuse CJC 1295 with CJC 1295 w / o DAC. The latter is not the same as CJC 1295. If a peptide does not have DAC then it is not CJC 1295. CJC 1295 is sometimes offered as CJC-1295 with DAC. This is nothing but CJC 1295.

Difference CJC-1295 and CJC 1295 w / o DAC:

These two products, CJC 1295 and CJC 1295 w / o DAC, differ mainly in their duration of action. CJC 1295 w / o DAC has a short duration of action, which requires a lower dose at small injection intervals, whereas CJC-1295 has a longer duration of action, which makes high dosing possible with less frequent injections. There are quasi short and long Esther bound to these types of CJC, comparatively like testosterone enanthate and propionate.

CJC 1295 belongs, as I said, to the class of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones, GHRH. GHRH is also the name of the naturally occurring hormone in the body, however, the natural compound is not used in the field of bodybuilding or as a performance enhancing agent due to the high production costs and the extremely short duration of action. CJC 1295 is a modified version of the first 29 amino acids of GHRH in combination with the addition of a Drug Affinity Complex or DAC. The combination of modifications provides a half-life of about one week and stable post-injection blood levels.

Effect of CJC-1295:

The primary area of ​​application of CJC 1295 is to deliver increased growth hormone levels, which also results in increased IGF-1 levels. Increasing these levels can have a very positive effect on fat loss and muscle building. In general, a product from the GHRH category, including CJC 1295, is used as an alternative to injectable growth hormone and rarely combined with injectable growth hormone.

This product is best for cases where you want support for its growth hormone production or maximum or near maximum increase in growth hormone production, depending on the CJC 1295 variant and the way you inject it. This is because the blood level provides the CJC 1295 and CJC 1295 w / o DAC, both can provide. However, the even mirrors can also provide very good support for natural pulsatile growth hormone boosters.

CJC 1295 increases the body’s own growth hormone production in the same way as GHRH. The administration, however, does not initiate pulsatile growth hormone secretion. Because CJC 1295 provides stable blood levels, it increases the amplitude of natural pulsatile growth hormone boosts on a continuous basis. CJC 1295 is particularly efficient with a GHRP combinable, since the effect of both peptides not only adds, but their effect mutually enhanced, since the combination of an even more radical release of growth hormones is ensured.

Dosage and administration form of CJC 1295 w / o DAC:

The injection can be done subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously depending on your personal choice. If desired, peptide solutions from other vials, such as GHRP, can be grown with the same syringe. This can reduce the number of injections.

As far as the dosage is concerned, it is usually recommended to dose between 100-200mcg CJC 1295 w / o DAC per injection, which should be injected 3 times daily, as well as GHRP 2 or 6, at peak HGH for the best possible effect:

Injection 1: In the morning 15-20 minutes before breakfast
Injection 2: Immediately after training 20 mini before the post workout shake
Injection 3: 30 min before going to sleep

CJC 1295 w / o DAC can be perfectly combined with a GHRP. If you would like to combine CJC 1295 with a GHRP, then the recommended dosage of CJC 1295 will remain at the level recommended above, while the GHRP dosage will be around 125mcg-250mcg. The peptides can be raised directly together.

Dosage of CJC 1295:

As far as the dosage is concerned, it is usually recommended to use a dose of 1000 mcg CJC 1295 per injection twice a week, which is made possible by the added Drug Affinity Complex, which makes the CJC 1295 a long-running peptide, as already mentioned above.


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