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Active Substance: Clomiphene Citrate

Brand: Anfarm Hellas

Country: Greece

Packaging: 24*50mg in two Blisters

Clomid is the most needed drug for Post Cycle Therapy after steroid cycles.


Clomiphene Citrate by Anfarm Hellas

What is Clomiphene Citrate?

Bodybuilders and performance enhancing athletes who are using anabolic androgenic steroids know that the similar mechanisms of amplified luteinizing hormone (LH) can be very beneficial in a sense that it helps to increase total testosterone levels. This is one of the main reason why Clomiphene Citrate, or more fondly known as Clomid 50mg, is considered to be extremely popular to be used in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Since Clomiphene Citrate 50 mg has similar effects of Nolvadex by binding to estrogen receptors, many bodybuilders and performance enhancing athletes who uses estrogenic compounds such as deca durabolin, dianabol, and testosterone, would use clomiphene citrate to fight off the development of gynecomastia. However, due to it being a weaker anti-gynecomastia aid, most bodybuilders or performance enhancing athlete would use clomiphene citrate mainly in post cycle therapy to help boost testosterone levels.

Clomiphene Citrate works by stimulating the hypophysis to help the body release more gonadotropins, the protein hormones that are produced by the gonadotrope cells of the pituitary gland, and as a result this will speed up the production and increase the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). This means, when Clomid causes the body to release more gonadotropins, this will cause an increase of luteinizing hormones, and the increased LH will heighten the body’s total testosterone levels.

With the testosterone levels increased, this will help users whom natural testosterone levels had stopped or slowed down significantly to help the body recover on its own as well as keeping gains as much as possible while the body recovers the natural testosterone production.

Clomid is not an anabolic androgenic steroid, and it is not an anti-estrogen, but it is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). It is best used exclusively for post cycle therapy as it helps to increase total testosterone levels back to a level that it was. An extra benefit that users might experience while on clomiphene citrate is increase of libido, improvement of overall well-being, and increased ejaculation volume.

When combined with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) for post cycle therapy, clomiphene citrate will magnify the process of recovery of the natural testosterone production. Human chorionic Gonadotropin will significantly speed up the recovery process as it works amazingly synergistic when coupled with clomiphene citrate.

Clomiphene Side Effects

Clomiphene tablets, very similar to Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) is very safe to use long term, especially to among users with lowered testosterone after an anabolic androgenic steroid cycle. However, if taken in high dosage of over 200 mg a day, side effects might appear, such as depression, mood swings, and feeling emotional.

How to Use Clomiphene for men in Post Cycle Therapy

If you used a short ester anabolic androgenic steroid, you could start the clomiphene clomid post cycle therapy a few days after your last dosage, however if you use a longer ester anabolic androgenic steroid, you could begin the post cycle therapy after two weeks from your last dosage. If you use a mixture of both long ester and short ester, you should still wait at least 2 weeks after your last dosage to begin your post cycle therapy.

The most common post cycle therapy for clomifene is typically around 3 to 4 weeks long. Keep in mind that post cycle therapy will not immediately recover your natural testosterone levels and production, but it will help to speed up the process of recovery and provide the body with temporary increase of total testosterone while the body recovers.

Tamoxifen citrate is considered to be stronger per milligram as it can work wonders with a dosage of 20 mg to 40 mg, while clomiphene citrate requires at least 150 mg. A strong clomiphene citrate cycle will consist of taking high dosage for the first two weeks, and taper down to a lower dosage for the rest of the remaining weeks. To make it easier to understand, a typical clomid threatment post cycle therapy would look like this:

  • Week 1: Clomid 150mg per day
  • Week 2: Clomid 150mg per day
  • Week 3: Clomid 100mg per day
  • Week 4: Clomid 100mg per day
  • Week 5: Clomid 50mg per day
  • (add an extra week at 50mg clomid dosage per day if needed)


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