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Active Substance: Dermorphin

Brand: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 1 Vial 5mg

Dermorphin is an extremely powerful painkiller, with its capabilities being rated 40 times more potent as compared to morphine.

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Dermorphin is a form of peptide that was originally expressed from the skin venom of the South America’s waxy monkey tree frog, recipe also known as Phyllomedusa sauvagei. Dermorphin is an extremely powerful painkiller, with its capabilities being rated 40 times more potent as compared to morphine. It is now used illegally in race horses as well as a performance enhancing drug. Although the ones sold on the black market today are mainly synthetic version developed in lab, and not the actual skin venom extracted from the waxy monkey tree frog.

Dermorphin is able to block pain, and it could even cause euphoria, since it is an opioid based peptide. It has also been used in experimental tests to help opioid based drug addicts to recover from their addiction. It has also been used to help treat chronic fatigue syndrome. However, its true use as a sports enhancement drug is still a blurred line, as it is only used by underground bodybuilding researchers. According to these underground labs, it helps to increase the activity of the pituitary gland.

In a lab study on race horses, dermorphin blocks pain while increase the feeling of euphoria, in which will ultimately cause the horse to run harder and faster despite fatigue. After being discovered of its use, it has been banned as it was illegally used on race horses, the use of dermophin actually managed to impact the outcome of races. The test also reveals that the substance has useful human health properties, and it is also an extremely powerful antibiotic, and at the same time boast anti-cancerous properties. These are all assumptions from early research and should be taken lightly.

Based on underground bodybuilding research, opiates, if stacked with CJC and growth hormone releasing peptide will increase growth hormone secretion. However, these findings are still in extremely early stages and its results is not known or released to the public. The opiate that was used in the experiment was dermorphin. Dermorphin was used as it was a mild opiate, and not as harsh and addictive as the rest. The experiment was brought to light in an article released by ProMuscle.

However, the use of dermorphin is strictly for lab experiments and research only. Bear in mind that its use in humans or animals medically had never been approved, and those who wants to use it will have to do it on their own risk.


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