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Active Substance: Drostanolone

Brand: Pharmacology Negen

Country: Ukraine

Packaging: 100*10mg tablets

Oral Drostanolone is used mostly by Bodybuilders for Competitions.


Drolasten manufactured by Negen

Drolasten (Dihydrotestosterone) work in the scalp, prostate, skin and central nervous system.

Drolasten “Oral Masteron” (Drostanolone) is a 17a-methylated version of dihydrotestosterone, pills which is highly androgenic while only slightly anabolic. It not coverts to estrogen which makes it to a very usefull drug for cutting cycles or to avoid mass gain. Mostly it would be stacked with injectable Drostanolone Propionate, Stanozolol or Parabolan. Oral Drostanolone gives you strengh, aggression for hard workouts in your gym. Oral Masteron must be avoided by womens because of its androgenic efects. Masteron is so much loved by Bodybuilders because it lets you lift more weight and give you a hard looking body. Best results you would get if use oral versions of drostanolone, when you have a low bodyfat level. Masterone is a performance Booster for hard diets. Drostanolone is a typical DHT-Derviat, which can prevent you to avoid gynokomastia. It is also named as Superdrol, Methyldrosta or Oralmast.

It is useful to use it in combination with Liver Protectors like Liv 52, which we sell too. On a scala of toxicness i woul rate it 7-8. Dose it from 25-75mg per Day about maximum 8 weeks. Women can dose 15-30mg per day to get good results for competitions.

Oral Masteron is mostly used by Bodybuilders and fitness ambitious competitive athletes



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