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GHK-CU 3mg


Active Substance:

Brand: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 3mg/vial

Strength athletes and bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids use GHK-Cu to combat side effects such as hair loss or acne.


GHK-CU 3mg

GHK-CU 3mg

GHK-CU is a copper peptide. It was first extracted from human plasma, treat and can also be found in urine and saliva, sovaldi as it is naturally occurring in the body. The GHK-CU has a high affinity to copper ions. Today, salve synthetic GHK-CU are being developed for use in the beauty, anti-aging, healing and bodybuilding industry.

The Benefits of GHK-CU 3mg

There are plenty of benefits that are derived from the use of exogenous GHK-CU. Among the benefits of GHK-CU are:

  • Helps with accelerating wound healing, recovery and repair
  • Improving and increasing the skin re-epithelialization process
  • Anti-aging properties for the skin
  • Improves the condition of the skin by increasing the layers of subcutaneous skin, improving the elasticity of the skin, and thickens the skin.
  • It helps to prevent hair loss for those who are pattern baldness, and it also helps to improve the success rate of hair transplant.
  • Works as a great antioxidant in the body and promotes overall healing.

In bodybuilding, GHK-CU is used by performance enhancing bodybuilders to help with hair restoration, as well as help with joint healing. It is however used illegally, and most performance enhancing bodybuilders would simply “guinea pig” themselves. The true effects of it are truly unknown as it is still in its research phase.

The Side Effects of GHK-CU 3mg

GHK-CU is still in research phase, and its use is strictly for laboratory studies and research purposes only. There are various clinical trials that are being done now to help with healing of various ailments, however the results are not made public, and therefore the side effects of GHK-CU are quite unknown at the moment. Most performance enhancing bodybuilders experiment on themselves with peptides such as the GHK-CU copper peptide. Some report of seeing rapid hair regeneration, while others report that it helps to boost hair growth rate. Side effects are not properly documented.

How to Use GHK-CU 3mg

Since GHK-CU is only to be used in research and studies, we do not condone any way or dosage to use it, as it could be very high risk. Those who are interested to use it, should understand the dangers and risk of using it, and use it on their own cost and accountability. Do proper research to find out the appropriate dosage. It is best to read labels and stick to recommended dosage as suggested by manufacturers. Since it is strictly for studies and research, use it on your own risk!


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