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Active Substance: GHRP-2

Brand: European Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 5mg/Vial

This peptide has been proven to be one of the most potent means of delivering dramatically increased growth hormone release, which in turn is responsible for muscle cell formation or augmentation, dramatically increasing protein synthesis and dramatically shortening regeneration phases.


GHRP-2 by Europe Pharmaceutical

GHRP-2 or Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2 is considered to be the brother peptide hormone to GHRP-6. It is a hexapeptide that is purely functional in aiding with the release of stored growth hormone. GHRP-2 is also considered to be a synthetic agonist of ghrelin. Compared to GHRP-6, sovaldi the GHRP-2 does not cause hunger side effects, stuff although some users might experience boost in appetite. If you are looking to stack a growth hormone releasing peptide with a growth hormone releasing hormone, pharmacy the GHRP-2 is a good choice.If you are not planning to have your appetite boost, or have extreme hunger after taking your growth hormone releasing peptide, the GHRP 2 is a better choice compared to the GHRP-6 which causes hunger after injection. However, the best part about the GHRP-2 is that it is able to reap the benefits from ghrelin just like HROP-6 without causing hunger.The Benefits of GhrelinThe GHRP-2 is able to increase growth hormones in the body, and it also helps to stimulate ghrelin release. The benefits of using GHRP-2 is gaining lean and quality muscle while minimizing fat gain. Since the GHRP 2 is considered to be a ghrelin agonist, it helps to stimulate the secretion of human growth hormone twice as much as the body naturally would in a two-fold process. It amplifies the transduction pathway which will result in boost of growth hormone levels, and it also supress the action of somatostatin, a type of hormone that limit down the release of growth hormone in the body. These two actions help make GHRP-2 an incredibly potent growth hormone booster.The Benefits of GHRP 2

Most users who uses GHRP-2 experience positive effects such as increased lean body mass, decreased body fat, increase in IGF-1 production, improved sleep, and improved and faster cellular repairs. GHRP-2 is considered to be the mildest among the other GHRPs in terms of side effects.

Usage and Dosage of GHRP 2

Just like any other peptide based compounds, the GHRP-2 too comes in the form of lyophilized powder. It is important to remember to store it in a cool dry place, and should be mixed with only either bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride to make it injection ready. One the peptide had been reconstituted when mixed, it is important to store it in cool refrigerator and only be taken out when it needs to be used.

GHRP-2 can be injected in high dosages, however it is still considered to be a blurred line on what is an effective dosage. It can be taken up to 2 to 3 times daily, and at the dosage of within 100 mcg to 300 mcg per injection. Just like any other growth hormone releasing peptide, it is best to be stacked with growth hormone releasing hormone to boost its effectiveness and yield optimal results and release the max amount of growth hormone in the body as possible.

Side Effects of GHRP-2

As aforementioned earlier, users will not have to worry of any hunger related side effects like GHRP-6 produces, as it does not exist when using GHRP-2. However, the usage of GHRP 2 might cause an increased level of prolactin and cortisol, and this usually happens only when users are going for higher dosages such as injecting at 200 mcg per injection. Another common side effect reported by users is the feeling of tiredness and lethargy when first going on GHRP-2. Other side effects that may arise are the likes of decreased insulin sensitivity, numbness, tingling, and water retention.

Side Notes Regarding GHRP-2

GHRP 2 is the best choice if you are looking for a growth hormone releasing peptide to stack with a growth hormone releasing hormone. It also helps with many anti-aging benefits, just as how helpful it is with fat loss and muscle gain. GHRP can also be used as a bride in between cycles, or used to maintain muscle mass during off cycle. However, keep in mind that although GHRP-2 is not free of side effects, it will however not cause you to shut down your natural production of growth hormone like many other exogenous HGH will. Coupled with a good growth hormone releasing hormone, proper training and clean diet, the GHRP 2 will be amazingly effective in helping you towards your goals.


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