Halo-Tabs 10

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Active Substance: Fluoxymesterone

Brand: United Hardcore Pharmaceuticals

Country: Mexico

Packaging: 100*10mg tablets

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is one of the most popular diet and martial arts steroids on the world market.


Halo-Tabs 10 by United Hardcore Pharmaceuticals

The main effect of fluoxymesterone consists firstly in its extremely anti-catabolic effect, which helps the elite athletes in the final weeks of the diet, to preserve optimum muscle mass and secondly in a considerably failing power increase, which is mainly appreciated by strength athletes.

Structurally fluoxymesterone is a derivative of testosterone and is converted by 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which some androgenic effect explains the failure but not nearly as strengthens, as speculated for years.

An attached 11-beta-hydroxyl group inhibits a conversion to estrogen, so that any estrogen-related side effects, are excluded from the ground up. This property makes fluoxymesterone together with the pronounced anti-catabolic effect for optimal competition steroid.

Thanks to the mentioned moderate androgenic convert under disability in estrogen, the user benefits relatively quickly from a harder, more plastic look of his muscles. Prerequisite, however, is that the athlete already has a low body fat percentage (less than 8% body fat). Halotestin is added for this purpose in the final 4-6 weeks before a championship to an already existing steroid stack so as to tease out the ultimate muscle hardness.

Trenbolone, stanozolol, testosterone propionate are here Drostanolon and good partners with Halo-Tabs 10 guarantee a stage Ripe appearance in tandem. In the build phase makes Halotestin little sense.

Another advantage in this phase is the extremeaggressiveness that brings with it the drugfluoxymesterone un allowed an intense workouteven with strict calorie limit. Fluoxymesterone is often used for this reason booster before heavy workouts. The dose used in this case is 20-30mg, which is a taken sublingually about a 30-45 minutes before training. By taking sublingualDHT and androgen receptors in the central nervous system are stimulated directly and the training stand increases significantly in a short time. Which accompanies the taking aggressiveness however still affected by a different mechanism: fluoxymesterone reduces the conversion of cortisone to the stronger and weaker catabolic hormone cortisol and acting blocked beyond the docking to the corresponding receptor.

Especially popular Halo-Tabs is also at MMA fighters, boxers, force three fighters, weightlifters and wrestlers. They benefit from the significantly increased aggressiveness and a frequent extreme strength gains in virtually non-existent body weight increase.
Beginners and women should not touch Halo-Tabs 10.
Among the best known and most common side effects include fluoxymesterone heart / circulatory stress, deterioration of blood lipids and psychiche changes. They are joined by a markedly elevated liver and stomach / gut load, which is due to the 17-alpha-alkylation.

Supplements for liver protection like Liv 52 is recommened.


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