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Active Substance: Hexarelin

Brand: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 2mg/Vial

Hexarein is known to be the strongest peptide for growth hormone release. Best choice for bulking, diet, or to gain strenght.


Hexarelin by Europe Pharmaceutical


Hexarelin is a form of hexapeptide just like GHRP-6. Unlike most of the other growth hormone releasing peptides out on the market today, no rx Hexarelin is compared to be the underdog, click the black sheep, and the dark horse. It is an underestimated growth hormone releasing peptide. It is often overlooked, and not usually mentioned nor used by performance enhancing bodybuilders. Hexarelin however should not be underestimated and brushed aside, instead it should be examined and understood for its qualities and benefits that it could give to performance enhancing bodybuilders.

It is safe to assume that Hexarelin is not your average growth hormone releasing peptide. It has the structure of a hexapeptide that is widely known to be able to help increase the release of growth hormone. However, the mechanism of action is not fully discovered by researchers. Hexarelin has the ability to act on both the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Compared to all of the other growth hormone releasing peptides, it has the ability to give the largest release of growth hormone.

Like all the other peptides, it has the ability to increase the production of natural growth hormone in the body, and it will not cause the body’s natural production of growth hormone to shut down. According to research, Hexarelin had also shown effects on increasing bone mineral density, fat loss, connective tissue strengthening, mitosis and meiosis, as well as skin health.

As soon as Hexarelin enters into the system via subcutaneous injection, it will activate the pituitary gland by a pulse, just like how GHRP-6 works, and this will result in improved circulation of growth hormone in the body. As compared to GHRP-6, it does not cause any hunger related side effects. Hexarelin has the ability to raise the levels of growth hormone in the body, as well as inhibits somatostatin, which is responsible to inhibit the release of growth hormone in the body. This basically means that there will be an abundance of growth hormone in the body since more is being released, and none is being supressed by somatostatin.

Although Hexarelin might be the strongest of all growth hormone releasing peptide when it comes to its growth hormone releasing strength, it also desensitize quicker. This means that it is not ideal for long term use. However, due to its ability to increase the amount of growth hormone and IGF-1, it makes it ideal to be used in post cycle therapy, especially for those who are coming off synthetic growth hormone or IGF-1. Hexarelin is indeed a potent growth hormone releasing peptide and it should not be underestimated.

The Benefits of Hexarelin

One unique benefit that Hexarelin has over the other growth hormone releasing peptide is its ability to act on cardiac receptors besides from its obvious growth hormone releasing abilities. This peptide has the ability to help with protecting the cardiac ventricular health as well as help with the healing process of scar tissue on the heart.

Among other benefits of Hexarelin are:

  • Has the strongest release of growth hormone compared to other growth hormone releasing peptide.
  • Helps to increase lean body mass
  • Helps with cutting fat and fat loss
  • Increase bone density to make it stronger
  • It has anti-aging properties that helps to heal the skin

The Side Effects 

The use of Hexarelin may increase cortisol levels as well as prolactin levels. Although not as strong as steroid would increase cortisol and prolactin levels, it still does. Its use might also lower libido. There might even be a problem where it would be difficult to hold an erection due to increased levels of prolactin. It could cause prolactin-based gynecomastia too if levels are brought up too high.

Usage and Dosage 

Being a peptide, Hexarelin comes in the form of frozen dried powder, just like any other growth hormone releasing peptide. It should be stored in a cool and dry place until it is ready to be reconstituted. Once it does, it should be kept in a refrigerator. Reconstitution is often done with bacteriostatic water, and injection is done with an insulin syringe.

Most users report that the optimal dosage is about 200 mcg, but it would soon start to saturate pretty quickly, and will become desensitized as soon as a few weeks of use. However, this could be easily taken care of by stopping the use of hexarelin for a few days to a few weeks make sure it clears up, and this will ensure optimal effects.

Advanced users may combine low dose of hexarelin with another form of growth hormone releasing peptide and it will cause a great release of growth hormone. However, if combined with growth hormone releasing hormone, it will create a synergistic effect which will lead to enormous release of growth hormone. This is the ideal use of Hexarelin.


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