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Human Myostatin Propeptide


Active Substance: Human Myostatin Propeptide

Brand: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Europe

Packaging: 1mg/Vial

HMP is a next level peptide which binds and inhibits myostatin to enhance the repair and regeneration of injured muscle and bone.


Human Myostatin Propeptide

Myostatin, healing or GDF-8 is a specific and potent negative regulator of muscle mass, which is a member of the TGF-beta superfamily. Its function is to regulate muscle growth, and to inhibit muscle growth if the body feels that there is too high of muscle synthesis activity going on. Human Myostatin Propetide, or known as HMP for short had recently been researched, and it has shown to be able to inhibit myostatin in vitro. According to the research, roughly 70% and below of myostatin in serum were bound to its propeptide, and when it is bound, it cannot run its function. In short, Human Myostatin Propeptide or HMP is a negative regulator of myostatin in vivo.

The Use of Human Myostatin Propeptide for Bodybuilding

Additional research on Human Myostatin Propeptide reveals that it also works as an inhibitor and negative regulator to myostatin. Myostatin is basically a protein that functions to control and regulate the size of muscle mass when it is released. This basically means that myostatin tells the body to stop putting on muscle mass and inhibit muscle growth. HMP works by binding to myostatin which will avoid from it running its function, which will result in increased muscle mass gains.

In a research done on cattles, the total increase of muscle mass was up to 40%. It is currently being researched in the medical field to help treat muscular dystrophy. In bodybuilding, it is tested by underground labs and personally by performance enhancing bodybuilders. Follistatin is a more popular choice as it has been researched more and used more by bodybuilders as it is a myostatin blocker. However, with the recent discovery of how HMP functions to help in muscle growth, many bodybuilders are beginning to get interested and study the compound themselves, often hiring others to become lab rats, or even testing out on themselves.

Side Effects of Human Myostatin Propeptide

Currently, it is still unknown what the negative side effects are of using HMP as researches are still ongoing. When checked on bodybuilding forums, based on underground research by avid bodybuilders, there had not been any side effects related to the use of human myostatin propeptide. Please bear in mind that there are no guarantees that it will not cause any negative side effects on human, as it is strictly being used for research purposes only.

Recommended Use and Dosage of Human Myostatin Propeptide Human Myostatin Propeptide is still in the experimental stage and it is used strictly for scientific research only. It had been tested on animals, and even though it had been tested on humans, it was conducted in a professional and controlled environment by professionals. There are however underground labs that are testing them on bodybuilders. It is extremely risky to use it without knowing its true operational mechanics, results and functionality as well as potential negative effects and positive effects. If you are still eager to use such compounds, it should be done on your own risk.


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