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IGF DES (1-3)


Active Substance: IGF DES(1-3)

Manufacturer: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Netherlands

Packaging: 1000mcg/vial



IGF DES (1-3)

The IGF DES (1-3) is basically a shortened and condensed form of IGF-1, without the Glycine-Proline-Glutamine tri-peptide structure at its N-terminus. In initial studies, viagra the IGF DES 1-3 was detected and isolated from various in vivo sources such as porcine uterus, pharm bovine colostrum and the human brain. Due to the possibility of its function in post-translational modification within the circulation system of the mature IGF-1 through the protease action, it is said that the IGF-DES 1-3 has the capability of stimulation proliferation in cells and hypertrophy 10 times more efficiently compared to IGF-1.

As compared to the clearance rate of the IGF-1, according to studies, IGF Peptid clears up to four times faster. This is most probably because as compared to IGF-1, the IGF DES 1-3 remains in higher levels after clearance, especially in the extracellular space of targeted tissues for hypertrophy. Medically, the IGF DES (1-3) was formulated and tested in trials to help treat inflammatory bowel diseases, mainly because of its preference to bind to the stomach tissue. It is also used to help fight against muscle wastage and catabolism.

According to clinical trials, the IGF hormone has been shown to arouse the increment of cultured myoblast cells. It is also known to be more biologically active as compared to higher doses of IGF-1.

IGF DES 1-3 for Bodybuilding

Generally, as aforementioned earlier, the IGF is the shorter version of the IGF-1 chain. It has been proven to be up to 5 to a whopping 10 times stronger and more powerful as compared to IGF-LR3 and base IGF-1. Being a very delicate chain, the IGF has a half-life of about 20 to 30 minutes. It is often injected directly at muscles that you want growth to happen. It has the powerful capability to stimulate muscle growth more efficiently as compared to the LR3. It is used by underground performance enhancing bodybuilders for site injections for targeted growth.

IGF DES 1-3 also binds to receptors that had been misshapen by lactic acid, which usually happens after a tough workout. This enhances the ability of IGF DES to bind to mutated cells and stimulate tissue growth during workout. As compared to the LR3, the IGF DES can be used more frequently and longer.

Dosage Advice

There is no set in stone dosage for IGF DES  simply because it is still in the trial stages. Most bodybuilders use them illegally and underground, on their own risks. Some have reported to dose at 50 mcg to 150 mcg a few times a day before training, injected directly into targeted muscles. It was also reported that due to its very short half-life, desensitisation is not noticeable. It should be injected at a muscle group that you wish to target and grow. These “tests” were however run by underground bodybuilding lab rats.

However, keep in mind that the IGF Peptid is still in clinical trials, and had not been used legally. If you want to use it, you should do so on your own risk. This information here is intended for educational and informational purposes only. In fact, the product is only intended mainly for research only, and it is advisable not to use it without proper knowledge. The tests had been conducted in professional lab, with a controlled environment. Keep in mind that usage of IGF DES is still considered to be illegal, and it has not yet been approved by any health organisations or governing bodies. Once again, as a reminder, use it on your own risk.


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