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Insulin Novorapid


Active Substance: Insulin

Brand: Novo Nordisc

Country: Bulgaria

Packaging: 1 cartrigde or 5 cartridges per box

Insulin Novorapid is a powerful anabolic and used by bodybuilders to increase muscle growth.


Insulin Novorapid by Novo Nordisc

Insulin Novorapid Flexpen

Insulin is a naturally occurring peptide hormone in the body produced by beta cells directly in the pancreas. Insulin’s function is to help regulate the metabolism process of carbohydrates and fats, as well as storing fat in the body to be used as an energy source when the body needs it. Whenever you eat, the body’s blood sugar level increases, and this causes a spike in insulin levels. Medically, patients with Type 1 Diabetes depend on insulin as their body is not able to produce it naturally. Type 2 diabetics on the other hand are not able to control blood glucose levels, and depend on insulin as well.

Use of Insulin Novorapid in Bodybuilding

Believe it or not, insulin is considered to be as one of the most anabolic compound available today. Back in the 90s during the era of the birth of modern bodybuilding, the pros would stack human growth hormone with insulin, producing gigantic gains – and this is why you see there are huge bodybuilders today that are way bigger compared to the classic bodybuilders.

When a bodybuilder injects insulin into himself, all the necessary nutrients as well as protein will quickly shuttle into the muscles. This basically means the body will use protein more efficiently compared to a natural trainee. Because of this, bodybuilders would usually use insulin before a huge meal to help increase the anabolism factor of the body.

The downside of this method is that it could also cause the bodybuilder to store fat. In fact, many bodybuilders claim that they gain a lot of body fat while on insulin, and they even complain that the body fat gained by insulin usage is hard to lose. Because of this, it is important to stack insulin with human growth hormone or other anabolic steroids, coupled with clean eating and going for lower GI carbohydrates for the best results.

Side Effects of  Novorapid Insulin Pen

It is extremely important to know that abuse of insulin could slip you into a coma, or might even kill you. This is because insulin could cause side effects such as anxiety, weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, sweating and low blood sugar. It is also extremely vital that bodybuilders must keep dextrose or other type of sugars in hand to avoid from passing out or falling asleep after using insulin.

Insulin is an extremely powerful and potent peptide, and it has saved the lives of countless diabetics. Bodybuilders too can benefit with insulin and use it to help them reach their goals, but always remember not to abuse it, and should only be taken by experienced bodybuilders who knows what they are doing.

Dosis Insulin Novorapid

There are many types of insulin novorapid, with various half-life, recommended dosage and durations. It is best to read the instruction label that comes with the insulin. The fastest insulin available is Humalog, as it is able to start functioning within 10 minutes, and the highest after 1 and half hours. Humulin R is also considered to be a fast acting insulin novorapid, as it starts to work from 30 to 60 minutes and peaks at 2 to 3 hours after injection. In the USA, it does not need prescription, which makes it a popular choice. Remember, that shorter acting insulin is safer as it has a shorter window you might potentially crash your blood sugar to dangerous levels. A pro bodybuilder will usually dose at 10 IUs to 20 IUs a day, while beginners will use about 3 IUs to 4 IUs.

The best way to benefit from this drug is to inject about 3 to 4 IUs of fast acting insulin, and immediately after that chug down a protein shake with high protein, and mixed carbohydrates. After another 30 minutes have passed, eat a clean and well balanced meal. Always stay vigilant on how you feel, and prepare some candy bar or juice just in case you start to feel sleepy. You will know you are safe after 3 to 4 hours.



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