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Active Substance: Ipamorelin

Manufacturer: Europe Pharmaceutical

Country: Netherlands

Packaging: 2mg/vial

Ipamorelin is a peptide which increase plasma Growth Hormone in Humans or Animals.



If you are looking for the safest, nurse most versatile and cleanest Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide out there, Ipamorelin is your best bet. Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide, hospital and it functions somewhat similar to hexarelin, but it is cleaner. In certain ways, it also acts like GHRP-2 or GRHP-6, without the side effects of increased appetite and hunger issues.

When it comes to using growth hormone releasing peptides, you would want to choose the best choice that is released slow and steady, which results in a clean and strong pulse that pretty much mimics natural release times of growth hormones. This will lead to quality gains, while keeping unwanted side effects at bay. Ipamorelin is able to function like a simulated ghrelin, but not like GHRP-6, it is considered to be more stable and is able to supress somatostatin as well as stimulate the release of growth hormone.

The Benefits of Ipamorelin

The following are among the summarized benefits of Ipamorelin:

  • Improved mood and quality of sleep
  • Faster recovery as well as promote anti-aging due to its anti-aging properties
  • Helps to lower body fat percentage
  • Helps to increase lean body mass
  • It does not cause any spike of prolactin or cortisol at lower dosages

Function of Ipamorelin for Bodybuilders

Once after the athlete administers Ipamorelin, it causes the body to send a selective and strong pulse which will stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus to release growth hormone. After injection, this pulse will continue for up to three hours. Once the pulse is sent which signals the release of growth hormone, cells will travel to the muscles, which will support development, without affecting cartilage or bone growth. This is one of the main benefits of using this drug as a growth hormone releasing peptide, it helps you to put on lean body mass over time, without causing any deformities to the bones or cartilage.

This effect, unfortunately does not work the same for synthetic HGH, as its major side effect is to cause swelling in the joints which could even lead to Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and it also might cause growth of the skeleton. Ipamorelin will also improve cell synthesis, and rise the secretion levels of insulin from the pancreatic tissue, which will also rise the levels of ghrelin in the stomach. This will help to control hunger due to the release of growth hormone. All of these functions from Ipamorelin will promote lean muscle mass building, better shuttling of nutrients, as well as promote fat loss.

Side Effects of Ipamorelin

Although Ipamoreline is considered to be the safest and mildest of all growth hormone releasing peptide, it is still not free of side effects. At lower doses, Ipamorelin might not cause much side effects, however on higher doses, it might cause increase of acetylcholine and cortisol. Some of the common side effects that are associated with this peptide are the likes of slight headaches, or sometimes a slight head-rush feeling. To prevent this, start with lower dosages, and slowly work your way up to an optimum dosage.

Dosage and Usage of Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin, just like any other peptides, comes in the form of lyophilized powder. It needs to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, refrigerator being the best choice. For administration, insulin syringe is used, and is injected subcutaneously.

Ipamorelin should be stacked together with a good GHRH (Growth hormone releasing hormone), such as CJC without DAC. It will work wonders synergistically and boost growth hormone like crazy. The usual dosage of Ipamorelin is around 200 to 300 mcg, taken two to three times daily. Cycles could go for up to 12 weeks, and minimal post cycle therapy is fine. Standby aromatase inhibitors just in case of any prolactin related side effects that might arise.


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