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Active Substance: Tamoxifene Citrate

Brand: AstraZeneca

Country: Bulgaria

Packaging: 50*10mg

Nolvadex is a safe estrogen blocker used for On- and Post Cycle Therapy after steroid cycles

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Nolvadex by AstraZeneca

General about Nolvadex:

In medicine, tamoxifen is actually used in women with breast cancer. Because the growth of various types of cancer is accelerated by estrogen, blocking the docking process seems extremely useful and effective. This reduces the further growth. Tamoxifen is also referred to as a selective anti-estrogen, and in bodybuilding circles tamoxifen is also used as an estrogen blocker.

The mode of action of Nolvadex:

The drug tamoxifen, known to many as Nolvadex, is a very weak estrogen that binds to certain estrogen receptors in the body, thus preventing stronger forms of estrogen from docking and becoming active. Bodybuilders often use this to stop anabolic steroids, or to effectively combat estrogen-related gynecomastia.

Two other benefits of using Tamoxifen are its beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and its beneficial effect on bone structure. In principle, estrogens have a positive influence on the good cholesterol and also support the incorporation of calcium into the bones, which makes them stronger and more resilient. Some athletes also use tamoxifen to compensate for catastrophic cholesterol levels caused by good cholesterol, for example, when taking Winstrol.

The side effects of Nolvadex:

As far as the side effects of tamoxifen are concerned, hot flashes, mood swings and, rarely, blurred vision may occur in isolated cases. Although tamoxifen is not 17-alpha-alkalized, prolonged ingestion can also cause liver damage. In addition, IGF1 release is reduced because free estrogen also plays a role in IGF1 formation.

The dosage of tamoxifen:

To prevent gynecomastia, tamoxifen is dosed with 10-20 mg per day over the entire length of the spa. It is important that you halve the dosage after the cure and continue 1-2 weeks to avoid a rebound effect.

In existing gynecomastia is dosed with 20-60mg, which should after 2 to 3 weeks, the complete decline in gynecomastia should result.

For the discontinuation of anabolic steroids is dosed in the first week as a frontload with 60mg to build the fastest possible effective mirror. Then 20-30mg should be taken daily for another 5 weeks.


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