Pregnyl 5000iu

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Active Substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin
Brand: MSD / Organon
Country: Bulgaria
Packaging: 1Vial 5000iu + 1Amp Solvent Water per box

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Pregnyl by MSD

Human chorionic gonadotropin, better known by the acronym HCG is a natural protein hormone in the placenta (placenta) is formed of a pregnant woman.

In males, the Leydig cells are stimulated in the testes and the production of androgenic hormones (testosterone) stimulated by luteinizing hormone.

Steroids cause after a certain time taking a negative feedback. It comes to an influence of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, as the hypothalamus receives give a false signal, which is caused by the steroids.

In bodybuilding injectable HCG is used for increased testosterone production, while mostly used in combination with anabolic / androgenic steroids. HCG is often used at the end of a cure to the side effects that are triggered by steroids to counteract.
Some bodybuilders sometimes use HCG during steroid intake to testicular atrophy to counteract. Also, a decreased libido and Spermatogen caused by steroids can be successfully treated in most cases with HCG.

Side effects :

Nausea , increased levels of estrogen , gynecomastia, increased libido , more frequent erections , acne vulgaris , mood swings, increased blood pressure, morning sickness

When people are inside the growth can HCG , a premature closure of the growth plates of the bones cause , resulting in a reduced length growth.

Application / dosage :

Each pack contains one more ampule with an injection solution consisting of isotonic sodium chloride per HCG ampule. This liquid is injected after the opening of both vials in a sterile manner into the HCG ampoule and mixed with the dry substance. Thereafter, the solution is ready for injection and should be promptly injected intramuscularly. If only a portion of the mixture injected at once, the rest should be kept in the refrigerator . The still unmixed HCG must not be stored it in the refrigerator . But it should be protected from light and stored at below 25 ° C .

Based on these observations and general experience , has established itself in bodybuilding as a rule of thumb that the athlete every 5 days 2500-5000 iE should inject . A more frequent use than every 5 days is not necessary because the testosterone levels remain elevated about 6 days.

The intake of HCG should be limited to a maximum period of three weeks , and will be completed and have a break of at least one month.


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