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Pregnyl 5000iu


Active Substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin
Brand: MSD / Organon
Country: Bulgaria
Packaging: 1Vial 5000iu + 1Amp Solvent Water per box


Pregnyl 5000iu by MSD

Pregnyl Trade Names: Predalon, Biogonadyl, Choron 10, Chorulon, Ekluton, Gonadotraphon LH, HCG, Pregnyl, Primogonyl, Profasi, Ovogest


The Use of Pregnyl HCG:

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the best choice to prevent testicular atrophy and total testosterone production shut down during steroid cycles. In pregnant women’s placenta only is found the hormon Human chorionic gonadotropin. For Athletes it has some very powerfull characteristics, but for women it makes no sense.

Secreted by the pituitary gland, it can imitate luteinizing hormone (LH) which gives the signal for testosterone production. Sex hormones act by a negative feedback when they are present in too high quantities and send a signal to the brain to stop the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone.

During a long term steroid cycle the natural testosterone production is suppressed for too long, the testicles will begin to atrophy and lose functionality. By injecting Pregnyl HCG the testicular function is mentained and if shrinkage has happen it can return testicals to the natural size.

HCG is used to to stimulate the testes who do not produce enough testosterone in men or  to induce ovulation and treat ovarian disorders in women. Normaly it is used in children or adolescents for the treatemnt of testicules that have not descended into the scrotum. For athletes who use anabolic and androgenic steroids HCG is very useful, but it has no practical application for females.

Pregnyl HCG is similar to LH, which stimulates the balls to release testosterone. You should have use it during long term steroids cycles or on high doses.  The hypothalamus signals the testes to stop producing testosterone and testicular atrophy occurs (shrinkage) in such cases. If the Athlete use HCG, the production of testosterone in the testicles dont stop and atrophy will be avoided for a greater or lesser extent.

These two schemes of use are related to the fact that prolonged use of anabolic steroids not only suppresses the body’s secretion of LH hormone and thus also the natural testosterone production, but also leads to a shrinkage of the testicles called atrophy, which involves desensitization of Leyding Cells compared to the testosterone release stimulating effect of LH hormone is accompanied. Studies show that even after more than 20 weeks of testosterone use, the body releases normal amounts of LH hormone within a short time, but the testes take up to 10 weeks to react properly to this hormone.

A phased use of Pregnyl HCG during steroid therapy is intended to counteract this atrophy and desensitization of the testes from the outset, and, according to anecdotal reports from users, often results in an additional boost in force and mass buildup.

The application of Pregnyl for men during the weaning phase is intended to flood the testes with large amounts of “artificial LH hormone”, which causes the testes to be sensitized to stimulation of testosterone production by the body’s own LH hormone and thus react faster to the body’s own LH hormone ,

In the mid-fifties of the 20th century, the doctor propagated Simmons also recommended the use of hCG during a diet with greatly reduced calorie intake (500 to 1000 calories per day). According to its publication, Pregnyl HCG should suppress hunger in such a scenario on the one hand, and promote the elimination of stubborn fat deposits on the other hand. Although there are still clinics that offer this type of dietary support, this area of ​​application of MSD Pregnyl among scientists is refuted, which goes so far that even with American hCG preparations in the leaflet even explicitly must be noted that this drug is not to support the weight reduction is suitable.


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