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Saizen 8mg


Active Substance: Somatropin

Brand: Saizen

Country: Turkey

Packaging: 1 Click.Easy Pen 8mg/24iu

Human Growth Hormone is used by Athletes to gain massive muscle mass or from older poeple to prevent aging.


Saizen 8mg click.easy by Merck Serono

Saizen 8mg Somatropin has been used since 1963 to treat short stature when it is caused by growth hormone deficiency. Since 1985 Somatropin can be produced by genetic engineering.
Synthetic somatotropin is also used as an “anti-aging” agent, with no relevant evidence for long-term benefits. In bodybuilding, somatropin is used abusively because of its muscle-forming properties.

Saizen 8mg Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone (protein) that is produced in the pituitary gland (pituitary gland) of every healthy human being, and secreted from there into the bloodstream. The outstanding effect of the growth hormone in the child is the stimulation of body growth. In addition, it also stimulates the protein, fat and bone metabolism to allow the growth of the organism.

It has strong muscle and fat loss stimulating effects, especially in combination with testosterone and its relatives and with insulin.

Somatotropin is the basis for normal growth in length. With a reduced production or a reduced response of the cells to somatotropin there is a shortage. Overproduction results in gigantism or acromegaly, that is, overgrowth on the uncrowned areas in the crutches, such as the nose, chin, fingers and skull, and all soft tissues (e.g., cardiomegaly).

If the body cells respond less, or not at all, to somatotropin, this is known as somatotropin resistance or LARON syndrome.

More specifically, somatotropin anabol acts primarily on the following organs: bones, muscles, liver

Somatropin leads to increased amino acid uptake and utilization in these organs.

In addition, somatotropin increases the blood sugar level (through glycogenolysis) and has a depleting effect on the fat cells.

Via an indirect route Saizen 8mgleads to increased release of the insulin growth factor (IGF), which among other things stimulates bone growth.

Somatropin is considered one of the world’s ethical medicines, i. to those medicines whose efficacy has been demonstrated and for which there is no substitute.

Side effects / overdose:

Overdoses can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, diminished glucose tolerance (a growing tendency for diabetes), breast enlargement (even in males) and fluid retention, cardiovascular disease due to growth of the internal oragans, growth of the nose, chin, ears and forehead.

Application / Dosage:

Muscle Building: 4 i.E. per day, divided into 2-3 injections.
Fat loss: 2 – 6 i.E. per day,
The body reduces somatropin’s own production (about 1 to 2 i.E. per day) according to the amount it feeds, which means that dosing in this area would only replace the body’s own production.


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