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Testosterone Propionate


Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate

Brand: Pharm-Tec

Country: India

Packaging: 10*1ml Ampoules (100mg/ml)

Testosterone Propionate is used for anabolic steroids bulking and cutting cyles.


Testosterone Propionate

When testosterone propionate is as with testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate to a testosterone molecule to which an ester is attached to make the testosterone in the body longer tenable. Unesterified testosterone has a very short half-life in the body. To reach a steady level of testosterone on the basis of unesterified testosterone, it is necessary , 1 – 2 x daily to make an injection.
In the esterification of testosterone a depot effect is achieved, so that the body needs to remove the molecule attached to the testosterone ester only before it can process the testosterone. For this process, the body requires more or less long – depending on the molecule. Thus , there is initially most of the injected testosterone when the body is inactive testosterone ester . Due to the continuous release of testosterone , a uniform level has been achieved .

Since the propionate ester is significantly shorter than, say, the enanthate or Cypionateester , the body can process the propionate ester faster. The casting time of testo propionate falls with about 4 days to get out soon clear when the casting time of prolonged testosterone esters such as testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate .

In practice, the anabolic androgenic steroid, propionate is used as both bulking and during the diet.

Side effects :

Hypertension , acne vulgaris , gynecomastia, sexual overstimulation , increased water retention , edema, more frequent erections , testicular atrophy , decreased spermatogenesis , increased aggressiveness , voice deepening , accelerated hair loss

Application / dosage :

The observed in bodybuilding test prop dosages are usually in the range 50-200 mg every 1-2 days. Due to the short half-life of testosterone propionate is in short intervals of 1 – 2 days injected .
While bulking bodybuilders combine testosterone propionate happy with other so-called ” mass steroid ” as methandienone / methandrostenolone , oxymetholone or trenbolone .
Because of its strong anti-catabolic effect of testosterone propionate is often used in diet to muscle breakdown counter zuwirken .
Women who use testosterone propionate, usually take doses between 50 and 100 mg / week.


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