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Active Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate

Brand: Titan Healthcare

Country: India

Packaging: 10*1ml amps (100mg/ml)

Trenbolone Enanthate is maybe the most powerfull anabolic steroid to gain massive muscle mass and burn fat same time.


Tren-Ena by Titan Healthcare

Trenbolone Enanthate Use and Administration

Trenbolone Enanthate  is a nandrolone derivative which, however, its effect is significantly different. Trenbolone does not convert to estrogen at aromatization among others. It is even expect a lowering of serum estrogen levels, as trenbolone suppresses the endogenous testosterone production, which in turn is the primary reason for the substance estradiol in men.

Although it is a derivative, acts much androgenic as nandrolone. It is even more times androgenic than the body’s own testosterone hormone. Tren-Ena binds more strongly to the receptors. Through this strong receptor binding ability trenbolone is not diminished in androgen-the sensitive tissues by the enzyme 5alpha-reductase.

It may be possible trenbolone, when used in conjunction with any other easily flavoring substance, promote gynecomastia and water retention. There are people who speak of a progesterone-gynecomastia, which can be regressed with Bromocriptine. Theoretically, trenbolone should act progesterone-like, unfortunately this has not been proven in practice.

The strong androgenic effect in combination with the non-existent flavor makes trenbolone a very effective drug for muscle strength and definition. The effect of Trenbolone Enanthate is second to none when it comes to muscle definition. Many competitive bodybuilders consider it indispensable in any good competition preparation stack. There is probably not a steroid, which would be better suited for this purpose. Many athletes make use of trenbolone also very good progress in building muscle. Trenbolone is a steroid good for bulking, even if it is not optimal to use it for this purpose, as the only steroid. The absence of estrogen, which seems to be a central feature of trenbolone cure, is the reason for this. In addition to the water-retaining effects of estrogen there is a link between estrogen and glucose utilization in muscle, the growth hormone secretion and proliferation of androgen receptors. Slowly you begin to understand that estrogen for optimal muscle growth plays an important role. Trenbolone is probably still the strongest muscle enhancing substance under the non-aromatizing steroids and admittedly is unusually strong in this relationship. If your primary goal is to build muscle, and you only want to use a steroid, however, testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol in terms of muscle building and weight increase are superior to the trenbolone.

Trenbolone is available in various esters, it only differ injection intervals from each other. Tren-Ena injected the athlete usually 250-500mg every 3-4 days or 250-750mg every 5-7 days.

After the cessation of production of satellite, in Europe there is no official trenbolone-containing medications more. Nevertheless, trenbolone is still produced by underground labs and is readily available.


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