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Active Substance: Chlordehydromethyltestosterone

Brand: Biotech Beijing

Country: China

Packaging: 100*10mg tablets per box

Turanax (chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) in tablet form manufactured by the Chinese company Biotech Beijing Pharmaceutical Ltd.



Turanax by Biotech Beijing Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Turanax  – one of the most popular Turinabol for sale

Especially experienced athletes is the name – Oral Turinabol – a more than common term. Again and again, this Turinabol oral is used to promote the development of muscle mass and strength. Only rarely the harmful side effects in consequential damages are considered. Oral Turinabol was developed in the former GDR in the 1960s to support the secret government-sponsored doping program called “State Plan 14.25” to help athletes and significantly boost their muscle growth.

Up to 10,000 athletes were given Oral Turinabol at that time, sometimes even without notifying the athletes. Even female athletes, as well as children, got from their trainers the well-known and effective “blue vitamin pill”. In fact, it was taken to be the anabolic androgenic, as well as harmful steroid, chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Since the nineties, the Oral Turinabol is now no longer produced by the original manufacturer (Jenapharm), but comes mainly from unsafe underground laboratories.

Anabolic steroids, such as chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Oral Turinabol), are structurally a steroid, structurally a cross between the steroids Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and Clostebol (4-chlorotestosterone). For example, Turiunabol for sale has the same structure as Dianabol. That’s why Oral Turinabol is often compared to Dianabol. Although Oral Turinabol is quite similar to Dianabol, there are also significant differences in these two steroids, such as side effects.

Unlike Dianabol, Oral Turinabol is considered the milder steroid. Among other things, this is due to the fact that Turanax is less androgenic than Dianabol, which leads to less androgen-related side effects. These may include oily skin, acne, aggression and promoting an existing hereditary hair loss.

For example, while taking Oral Turinabol you do not have to struggle with the annoying estrogen-related side effects such as increased water retention, hypertension and gynecomastia. Nevertheless, that should not be called good and generally leave the fingers of steroids. Since oral Turinabol, like the well-known Dianabol 17-alpha-alkylated, both substances have approximately the same potential for hepatic adverse effects.

What to Expect Muscle Gain from Oral Turinabol for sale?

In addition to the well-known bodybuilding Oral Turinabol is also used in other sports to promote muscle mass, as well as strength and endurance. Athletes build muscle mass with Oral Turinabol without unwanted water-related weight gain. Even in pure power disciplines such as shot put, discus or weightlifting, Oral Turinabol has been and will be used to achieve new power increases.

In bodybuilding at that time 20-40 milligrams were practiced to achieve significant increases in muscle mass. Even female athletes from bodybuilding used Oral Turinabol. In practice, doses of 5 milligrams per day begin, with doses of 10 mg or more leading to significant androgen-related mesentery phenomena. The pure action time of Oral Turinabol is about 16 hours and is thus longer than the effective time of the cult steroid Dianabol. Most users use Turanax or Dianabol 2 times a day for this reason.

Side effects of Oral Turinabol:

– Acne
– low water retention
– liver damage
– Hair loss
– Aggressions
– oily skin

Is intake of  Turinabol for sale recommended?

Oral Turinabol, Dianabol or other steroids are all prescription drugs. If you buy bodybuilding drugs then try to boost your muscle growth with supplementation. How To Build Muscle Mass Without Harmful Side Effects Or Consequential Damage. In order to get to training goals faster, far too many athletes take illicit doping medicines without knowing about the serious and usually permanent side effects. Turinabol for sale on Blackmarket is good available in this times.

Mostly the athletes are aware of everything when it is already too late. So you also prefer to avoid such steroids and try to dietary supplements, such as protein, creatine or various amino acids. Do not take the risk of end up with no hair, severe acne or high blood pressure. Pharmasports offers a wide range of supplements to promote your muscle building or fat burning in a healthy way.



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