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William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 9th Edition


William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 9th Edition E-Book

Publisher: Molecular Nutrition

Autor: WilliamLlewellyn

Pages: 631


William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 9th Edition

The #1 bestselling anabolic reference

Publisher: Molecular Nutrition

Autor: WilliamLlewellyn

Anabolics 2009 with the official title “William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 9th Edition” is now available! William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS has been one of the most trusted sources for information on anabolic steroids for more than a decade. This book is considered a trusted reference guide for muscle stimulating drugs that improve body and performance. It contains a comprehensive overview of the history, availability, clinical use and practical use of anabolic / androgenic steroids, human growth hormone, insulin, antiestrogens, diuretics, Reductase inhibitors, thyroid hormones, stimulants, and many other performance drugs. The latest (9th) edition has been completely updated and is the most comprehensive and informative version of this legendary steroid book ever published!

Here are just a few reasons William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS remains the World’s Best Selling Anabolic Steroids Reference Guide.

  • It contains more than 200 different pharmaceutical components. If a drug is used successfully by bodybuilders or athletes, it is described in detail in Anabolics 9th.
  • With many statistics and diagrams, the properties of the various performance-enhancing drugs are visually made clear to the reader. Take your anabolic knowledge to a whole new level.

  • Controversial discussions and detailed explanations about the real risks, as well as effective damage regulation and prevention of anabolic steroids.

  • Informative sections on steroid cycling and stacking which help the user to construct a good steroid cycle. Maximize Your Goals  and minimize your costs and steroid side effects.
  • Updated counterfeits section, which can help you to save money and health issues. If you can find even only one bad reputation on a product, you saved money if you earn this best steroid book.
  • Expand your intellectual potential by reading information on research into steroid and muscle biochemistry.

  • Approximately 3,000 color photos of real, fake, and underground medicals are listed in the book. This steroid library makes product identification a breeze!

  • Over 900 medical quotes. This book is not full of random theories and conjectures. ANABOLICS is a serious reference that any academic could need.

Anabolics 9th Edition combines street knowledge and science related to anabolic drugs on 800 pages. From basic steroid knowledge to research results of modern pharmacology, everything is offered to the reader. See for yourself why William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS has been read by more professionals than any other anabolic reference work in history!


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